Saturday, October 31, 2009

Solo Entertainment

So I spend a lot of nights alone while Le Husband works. I generally spend about half of each week's nights solo. Since we don't have kids and I can't be out spending tons of money, I find ways to entertain myself :) So, I've discovered (and I don't know why it took me so long) that NetFlix subscribers can watch movies and shows directly online and in full screen. I love this since I missed most of last season's Desperate Housewives and don't really want to spend the money on buying the entire season on DVD. They also have great shows like The Office and tons of movies and even yoga videos all at no extra cost.

I also like to read...A LOT. I belong to a book club, dorky, I know. Anyway, so I have tons of books everywhere and never know what to do with them once I am done with them. So, the one thing I am asking Le Husband for for Christmas is a Kindle from Amazon. One of the girls in my book club has one and it is super cool. It's not like reading on a regular computer screen at strangely reads like a paper book. They just recently dropped the price and I am hoping that closer to Christmas they may drop it even more. ^_^

Bloggedy Blog Blog

So I've always wanted to keep a blog. Even though it feels a little voyuristic, I do enjoy reading about other's lives. I've always written in diaries since I was about 12, so why not a blog? I just don't know that I have much to say that people would actually want to read, but I'm gonna give it a go :)