Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Freaking Mother's Day!

So I suppose this is going to be more of a whining session, rather than an update or whimsical posting. I've just been kinda blue about a few things, I guess.

So today, well yesterday really, was Mother's Day. First, I am truly grateful to my mom who raised me by herself. She's an amazing woman who has been through a lot in her life, no thanks in large part to my father. I also wish the very best to all of the mother's out there who have the toughest job in raising a human being. I am not being fictitious, I truly mean it. Even though it's a Hallmark Day and mom's should be thanked everyday, not just one day a year, they truly deserve a day dedicated to them. Having said all of that, Mother's Day sucks when you want nothing more than to be one.

I have mom envy. I want so much to have a child and most days I deal with it by trusting that God has a plan for everything and maybe a child just is not in his plan for me. Well, today I was just sad. Everything everywhere was mommy this and mother that and I just wanted to crawl back in bed and sleep it out until the next morning when it would be over. Selfish, I know. Sometimes I just don't think it's fair. I am a responsible, capable adult with an amazing husband and loving home and I just don't understand how the universe deprives us of the gift of a baby and instead gives it to many who don't even want a child. Okay, end of whining. I just needed to get it out. Yes, it's crack-o-clock in the morning and I went to my computer for the sole purpose of crying poor me to the cyberworld.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

This Yoga Snob is Bad at Blogging! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter world!!! Today is the day that Jesus Christ rose from the grave to save our sorry butts and I am so very thankful for that sacrifice that He made on our behalf. As a typical Le Family of two, Le Husband is sleeping and in a few hours will be off to work for the night. Mom and Grandma will be coming over a little later to make a little somethin' somethin' to eat and hang out with me a bit. No, not very traditional, but I know in my heart what this day is all about and I've reflected.

Okay, so I am horrible about starting something and not finishing it or keeping up with it. I am fickle, I have ADD, I can't, I wouldn't be me if I wasn't all those things and what fun would that be?! ;-) No more apologizing about my horrible blogging skillz and onto blogging...

Apparently, I am a yoga snob! I learned that about myself this morning while attending a yoga class at my local gym instead of my usual studio. Wow! So I go into the gym and wait for the prior spin class to finish up. There are quite a few people waiting as well, so I thought it must be a good class. I go in take out my mat and get settled when this lady, who appears to be the spin class instructor, comes the the front of the class and rolls out a mat. Okay, so she is a yogi who also teaches a spin class? Umm...that would be no Scotty!

I knew the class was bad when she turned on the "mood music" and it was some kind of horrible jazz. Not only was it horrible, it was loud. So, she begins class and quickly moves through what I am reluctant to describe as poses. No Sanskrit here...not even a "Tabletop". Instead she tells you "hands and knees". WTH is "hands and knees"? Oh yeah, it's tabletop. Bleh! Anyway, moving on...she decides to switch to Pilates in the middle of....well, it's not really vinyasa, but some sort of choppy "flow" and let's not forget that she told us to "hop like the Easter Bunny" while we were in trees pose. Seriously??? By this time I am so annoyed at the sound of her voice reading a script (no, not literally, but it sounds that way!) that I am mad that I wasted my time and gas to drive a whole 2 miles at 9 AM to this "yoga" class. She then decides to finish; not with savasana or even a corpse pose, but laying down and listening to the sound of her scripted voice while blasting Sarah Mclachlan. Don't get me wrong, I love Sarah McLachlan's music, really I do, but how can you shut out all of your thoughts when she is singing loudly into your ears while some annoying gym rat is reading her fitness instructor manual verbatim. Okay, end of rant...I feel better :)

Peace out peeps! I'll be back...I promise!