Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Catch-up

It's been awhile since my last post! I kept thinking about it, but I generally try to stay off the computer when Le Husband is home and he has been home A LOT since his fall. Luckily he is feeling much better and after this week of physical therapy we are hoping they will clear him for full duty...for the sake of our sanity! I love my husband to death, but I think sometimes we drive each other nuts...I think absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Le husband stopped by the office to pick up some paperwork the other night and came back with a commendation from his Lieutenant for a scene he worked last month. I don't have kids, so I wonder if this is how it feels when your kid brings home an A paper. I told him we'll have to magnet it to the refrigerator :) ...and no, I really didn't!

Random order here, but Thanksgiving was great! We had my mom and grandma over and I cooked a turkey breast in the crock pot ala Steph over at A Year of Slow Cooking, which was fantastic. I even used 2 buck chuck Chardonnay and it came out really good; everyone liked it. I also made the gravy and stuffing. Mom made the mashed potatoes and yams with yucky marshmallows on top for Le Husband. No one in my family likes that stuff, but Le Husband does, so it was all his. Grandma made Le Husband's favorite pumpkin pie. She really does make the best, but she also makes him his own separate pie. Are you sensing the theme here? All in all, great dinner :)

In other news, I am sure you have heard about the murder of 4 officers in Lakewood, WA. It is just so heartbreaking and truly makes me angry. Look, I know there are crazy people out there and I know that LEO's risk their lives every time they put their uniform on, but the fact that these 4 officers were simply having coffee and writing reports, just makes me insane.

I feel so deeply for their families who are now without their loved one. I feel horrified for the children who have to feel the loss of a parent and the spouse who will grieve for their husband or wife and the parents who have lost their child. I can't even fathom how they feel and can only believe that this monster was a spawn of the devil and is rotting in hell now.

To the LE wives who read my blog, hug your husbands tonight (or when they get home in the morning)...I know I will. Good night!

P.S. My comment section is now working :)