Thursday, November 19, 2009


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It's been a crazy few days since my last post. When I last posted I was under the impression that he had a minor fall and needed a few stitches, well it was quite a bit more and quite a bit worse than I knew at the time.

That night he called from the hospital and let me know that his partner and another officer were on their way to pick me up at home and take me to him at the hospital. After they picked me up and we were on the way, his partner asked me if I knew what had happened. I told him that from what I gathered was that Le Husband had slid down an embankment and that I had heard about him needing stitches in his arm. He told me that no, it wasn't the embankment, it was a hole he fell into. He said it was a hole about 10-12 feet down that he fell straight into, as if someone had just pulled the floor out from beneath him, but he was going to be okay. I had so much going through my mind and didn't quite understand. When we got to the hospital, I saw quite a few patrol cars parked outside the emergency room. I think that started to scare me even more.

I walked into his hospital cubicle and the Lieutenant and a few other officers were there surrounding the bed. The Lieutenant said hello and I really don't remember what else he said except that they would give Le Husband and I some privacy.

There was Le Husband, lying on a hospital bed in a hospital gown with his arm stretched out and gashed and bleeding on a towel. He was moaning in pain and tried to tell me that when he fell, he landed on his back and that it hurt like hell, but was glad he could move his legs. The reality of what happened hit me like a ton if bricks. I suddenly realized that he could be paralyzed or worse and then just seeing him there in pain like I've never seen him before... I felt myself get really hot all of the sudden, then the room started to spin and then I felt like I was going to throw up. I told him I needed to sit down and grabbed a chair as quickly as I could.

I got him home and he was in pretty bad shape, but has been progressively been getting better. A day or two later we went out to that "hole" so I could get some pictures of it. I could not believe my eyes. This thing was huge (an opening about 6ft. by 4ft. and went about 12 feet down) and was totally concrete. I can't believe this thing wasn't covered. There are screws where a grate or cover should be, but no cover in sight. It just makes me mad that this didn't have to happen.

He's still off work, but is itching to get back soon. He has some physical therapy ahead, which I think will help speed things along. I just thank God it wasn't worse than what it could have been.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Phone Call

So I just got a phone call from him a little bit ago at 1:26AM. He normally calls me before midnight to say goodnight and then I don't hear from him until he comes home in the morning, unless I call or text him, so the phone ringing freaked me out. His first words were "I am okay, but there was an incident" Needless to say, I was glad to hear "I'm okay," but what does "okay" mean exactly?? I am not sure I have ever felt my heart jump out of my chest like it just did.

From what I could gather on his phone call just now, a car crashed into a guard rail and rolled down an embankment. As he tried to get to them, his foot slipped and he slid down. He says he can walk, but his lower back is killing him and I heard his partner mention that he'll need stitches on his arm. I know it's probably fairly minor, but not being able to be with him and alone here in the house, just wondering with no one to talk to, sucks.

Now, I am waiting for a call from him or his partner as to where they are going to take him to get checked out.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lessons Learned

Since my last post we've learned that the department is going to come down on Le Husband as harshly as we thought. The day after the accident the Sergeant actually ended up apologizing for being so hard on him the previous night. He told Le Husband that he is one of his best officers and was just bummed that it happened.

I guess they looked at the totality of the accident (suspect was armed and dangerous) and told Le Husband that he is a good officer and don't want to hold him back. So, he doesn't get some safety pin when time comes and the accident will just go in his file. BTW, the damage was much more minimal than he had thought.

All in all it turned out not that bad, but boy has he learned a lesson and is so thankful it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Le husband came home a little later than usual this morning. I really had no idea he was late since I had stayed up until 3AM last night, so I was out. Anyway, he got in bed as usual and as usual I was going to just go back to sleep, but for some reason I sensed something was wrong. He looked kind of 'out of it'. He then tells me that he is going to be in trouble at work.

He got involved in a pursuit last night and he was the 3rd car in, which I guess is against policy. Once the subject stopped all patrol cars came to a stop and his car lost its brakes and he went up a curb into a chain link fence and blew out both rear tires. The subject took foot bail, but they got her...yes, it was a female. Anyway, he says that the Sargeant was pissed and the accident was investigated by another department. He said he doesn't know what is going to happen and he is just so mad at himself.

I feel so terrible for him as I could just see the shame in his eyes. All I could tell him that I'm glad no one was hurt and at this point there is nothing he can do about it. The bad thing is that several months ago he messed up a patrol car on the way to a call when someone cut him off, so this is the second time although this is much worse. He has a feeling that at bare minimum he'll have to go on days off or be put in the office for awhile. I also think he might lose his special assignment once the captain hears about this. I am not sure if he's thought about that yet.

Well, he's sleeping now although I doubt it's restful sleep.