Friday, November 13, 2009

Phone Call

So I just got a phone call from him a little bit ago at 1:26AM. He normally calls me before midnight to say goodnight and then I don't hear from him until he comes home in the morning, unless I call or text him, so the phone ringing freaked me out. His first words were "I am okay, but there was an incident" Needless to say, I was glad to hear "I'm okay," but what does "okay" mean exactly?? I am not sure I have ever felt my heart jump out of my chest like it just did.

From what I could gather on his phone call just now, a car crashed into a guard rail and rolled down an embankment. As he tried to get to them, his foot slipped and he slid down. He says he can walk, but his lower back is killing him and I heard his partner mention that he'll need stitches on his arm. I know it's probably fairly minor, but not being able to be with him and alone here in the house, just wondering with no one to talk to, sucks.

Now, I am waiting for a call from him or his partner as to where they are going to take him to get checked out.